In honor of our great clients, Winston Sound adopted a platoon of Marines through Adopt-A-Platoon.
We will be sending CARE packages to Delta Company 2nd AABN throughout their deployment in Iraq.

If you'd like to help, you can donate cash for items like International calling cards or shipping costs.
If you would like to donate bulk items, here is a list of the most highly requested: CARE Packages .
For more information you can contact Adopt-A-Platoon or send me an email.
If you would like to know what life is like for Delta Company of Marine Amphibious Assault Battalion
- the guys we are helping -
check out this video made by one of their own:

Marines In Fallujah

WARNING: This video contains actual war footage.
It may not be suitable for children or more sensitive viewers.

Pictures From Fallujah
MSgt. Reed, our contact, has sent us pictures of the Marines we are supporting.


We received word from MSgt. Reed, Delta Co. Ops Chief, and our contact in Falluja.
He sends his thanks for everything we are doing.
Check it out: HERE
They have not yet received our first shipment, but have put in requests for some items the Marines could use.
So our next shipment will be soccer balls, magazines, protein bars, energy drinks ,spicy beef jerky, DVD movies and play station games.
If you have anything you would like to contribute, drop me an email and I will add it to the pile.
Our first shipment laid out for repacking in USPS flat-rate boxes.

$600 doesn't seem to go as far as you'd think - even at a bulk store like BJ's.

We purchased items from AAPs CARE package list including individual grab-and-go snacks, drink mixes, tuna, sardines, DVDs, lots of baby wipes, footpowder, soap, pain relievers, antibiotic cream and lots of batteries. All of it needed to be repacked in ziplocks and plastic bags to fit in postage-saving flat-rate boxes.

According to AAP, one of the best things we can send are cards and letters. Serving in a war zone has been described as days of boredom interrupted by hours of absolute terror. Cards and letters - even from people they don't know - help Marines keep up morale so far from home.

Included with our CARE packages are the names of all my 2007 clients who helped make this possible and emails from those who sent along their thoughts for the Marines.

When I get a response, I will post it here to share with everyone who contributed to this project by hiring my services. If you would like to send a personal note along in the next shipment, email me and I will include it in the next CARE package.

My troops help with the shopping, the packaging, building and taping up boxes, and by bagging candy - and not eating it.

For customs purposes, everything must be counted and weighed before shipping. The customs forms must be filled out by hand including itemized lists of the contents of each box, their weight and value. An alternate delivery address must be provided. In our case, the company chaplain.

In our case every square inch of the flat rate boxes is filled. We use packaged baby wipes or gummy life savers to pad the other items.

It's off to the Post Office. The Marines tell us that smaller boxes are better - particularly for those serving in forward areas. Small boxes get there faster and their contents can be distributed faster and better than one large box. The USPS offers flat rate boxes that give a good size and up to 20lbs. for $8.95. So far we have sent 16 boxes - almost 150lbs.

Our next shipment is planned for February. Hopefully we will be able to ship a large quantity of one of the most requested items: socks!

If you are interested in helping out, let me know.

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